We work with Non-Profit Organizations to enhance their technical and management capacities and improve their service delivery by providing comprehensive technical support and other consulting services across disciplines and sectors.

1. Capacity Assessment and Compliance

(Our clients can concentrate on accomplishing their goals and making the world a better place while we take care of the statutory and compliance requirements).

1.1 Organizational Capacity Assessment and Development

We help our clients navigate the complexities, risks, and opportunities in their partner networks by proactively managing and monitoring risks presented by third-party relationships while helping their entities grow and gain competitive advantage by enhancing the quality or context of information for decision-makers.

We undertake the following on behalf of our clients:
• Performing and coordinating of organizational capacity assessments
• Developing of capacity development plans and strategies
• Reviewing and monitoring awards to subgrantees
• Assisting with implementing internal controls and the preparation of comprehensive manuals for reporting, subrecipient risk and capacity evaluation,
• Third party monitoring service

1.2 Statutory and Donor Compliance
It is crucial that organizations receiving donor funds use and account for those funds according to the specific donor rules and regulations. For most organizations, making sense of complex funding agreements can be challenging. Fortunately, we are knowledgeable in all types of statutory and donor compliance requirements that nonprofit organizations face. We ensure that nonprofits, and other organizations who are receiving donor funds meet the required standards for the use of those funds.
Our consultants are recognized as experts in the field of statutory and donor compliance reviews. Our professionals work with domestic and international nonprofits and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that receive donor funds primarily in the form of grants, cooperative agreements and contracts. We also assist NGOs with a variety of services, including:
• Reviewing of grant and cooperative agreements and developing compliance matrix for implementation
• Facilitating project and program start meetings
• Pre-audit preparations for donor and institutional audits

2. Organizational Development and Outsourced Services

(We have built our reputation on helping nonprofit organizations develop internal systems and capacities and help them transform their organizations).
Designing projects to achieve fundraising and optimum fund utilization is a challenging and important task for every organization. Our professionals will deliver need-based services like preparing the complete project proposal and budgets for you or act as your back office, running all operations and financial responsibilities for you.

2.1 Organizational Development
We undertake Nonprofit Consulting and other support services such as:
 Organizational Development and Policy Reviews
 Human Capital Development and Management
 Procurement Planning and Logistics Management
 Project Proposals support and Financial Forecasting
 Monitoring and Evaluation
 Nonprofit tax among others.

2.2 Operations Management Outsourcing

(We’re experts invested in helping your organization succeed. We can act as your back office, running all operations and financial responsibilities for you).
Regardless of the size of your organization (brand new or well-established), Abrimo Global Consulting Ltd can help you optimize your organizational performance. We can manage a portion of your operations and accounting needs or your entire financial operation.

Our consultants will ensure your operations departments are performing optimally, find ways to reduce costs without affecting performance and develop plans for your future growth.

When our consultants act as your CFO or COO, your organization will benefit from strategic operations and financial leadership that is more cost-effective than hiring a full-time, in-house CFO or COO. We will give you the peace of mind you need to focus on accomplishing your organization’s goals and objectives.

We can act as your back office, running all operations and financial responsibilities for you
• Act as your Chief Financial Officer or Chief Operations Officer
• Act as your entire accounting department
• Develop dashboards for more robust reporting
• Manage cash flow
• Develop and manage budgets
• Help you find and use the best financial software for your needs
• Prepare for audits
• Manage recruitment and talent search for your organization
• Process and administer payroll
• Manage your procurements and logistics

We tailor our services to meet your needs. We can work in person or virtually
on-site at your office or connect through email, calls, in-person meetings or video conferencing. Our flexibility accommodates your preferences, workflow and schedule.

We provide easy-to-understand, meaningful reports and walk through them with you and your team. Not only do we give you the operations and financial information and guidance you need, but we thoroughly discuss our recommendations so you can understand and implement them.

You’ll work directly with the senior consultant handling your account as well as other team members who are committed to your organization and its needs. You can call us anytime to ask questions or brainstorm ideas.

3. Risk Management and Internal Audit Solutions

(Enterprise Risk Management and internal audit solutions designed to address current and future risks to your organization). 

3.1 Enterprise Risk Management

In the dynamic business and political landscape, we operate in today, risks are proliferating thus making risk management critical to the survival of any institution. Risk is a fact of life. The truth is, you cannot always avoid risk altogether; but you can keep it under control.

We are seeing the agendas of the Boards of Directors changing. Donors, regulators as well as other stakeholders are becoming more risk-savvy and demanding improved risk intelligence and reporting. In addition, recent trends indicate that business shareholders are holding Board Members as well as management in all organizations where they have an interest more accountable.

We provide Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
o ERM for Not for Profit Organizations
o ERM for Public and Private Sectors
o Development of ERM frameworks
o Gap analysis of ERM practices
o Organizational risk assessments
o Implementation of ERM frameworks

You need to understand how risks and controls influence decisions and operations within your organization. A well-thought-out Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) framework among other things can help your organization have a robust methodology for developing and implementing a risk management process to make your organization risk enabled.

We have designed an Enterprise Risk Management methodology geared specifically at Not Profit Organizations, Government Agencies as well as private entities. Our Enterprise Risk Management methodology takes a structured, holistic approach to managing the uncertainties and unique challenges that organizations face. It relies on the creation of robust internal mechanisms for gathering, analyzing, monitoring and understanding the relevant information.

Furthermore, our team of experienced ERM practitioners has members who have spent most of their professional lives working with other organizations like you helping them navigate the risk landscape that includes compliance, controls and process improvement.

Our practical, right-sized solutions are designed by first developing an understanding of your organization’s industry, strategic objectives, and control environment. This allows us to customize interview agendas, survey questions, and appropriate frameworks accordingly to provide an ERM solution that meets your specific needs.

When we roll out Enterprise Risk Management for you, you will realize that through us, you will access a core team of Enterprise Risk Management professionals who have implemented Enterprise Risk Management engagements in numerous institutions and are supported by appropriate industry, technical as well as a sophisticated knowledge management system.

3.2 Internal Audit Solutions (Outsourcing/ Co-sourcing)

Achieving leading internal audit capabilities requires significant investment in skilled resources, methods, training, career paths, and technical infrastructure. Maintaining those capabilities requires sustained investment during both good and challenging economic times.

We have developed an internal audit methodology for use with our clients. It is a risk-based approach that focuses on clients’ objectives and impediments to achieving those objectives.

As your organization operates, you will find that you require an internal audit function to:
• Maintain appropriate vigilance over financial processes and internal controls.
• Broaden risk coverage (i.e., strategic, operational, compliance, regulatory) to align the internal audit mission with the county’s strategic priorities.
• Identify new, emerging risks that threaten the reputation of the institution, including risks associated with lack of accountability.
• Contribute to cost management efforts by identifying process improvement, cost recovery and efficiency opportunities.
• Coordinate with other risk management functions to avoid duplication of effort and gaps.

As both a critical business operation and a function often perceived as a cost center, Internal Audit can be a prime candidate for strategic sourcing. Sourcing the Internal Audit function takes on a variety of forms, each presenting its own degree of “ownership” and mix of fixed and variable costs. You may choose either to:

• Fully outsource your internal audit function whereby our team of internal audit professionals will take on the role of your internal audit function; or
• Co-source your internal audit function whereby we will be there to provide you with specialist services as well as work alongside your existing internal audit team.